NEW! Conquering Curves


Master the art of cutting curves and start making beautifully fitting stained glass.
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The Conquering Curves course will teach you how to cut every type of curve accurately.

Each step has a detailed video showing how to cut a different type of curve. To help you Milly has included all the cutting tricks she’s learned over the years.

There’s a worksheet with each video so that you can practise and learn to conquer curves yourself.

Find out if the course will help you cut curves here

Taught by professional glass artist and qualified teacher Milly Frances, Conquering Curves is guaranteed to help you cut accurate curves that fit together snugly.

You just have a way of explaining stuff that no one else has done…the video about cutting…I was just amazed...” Cindy Douglas, online student. Iowa, US

You’ll soon be making beautiful stained glass that lives up to your dreams.


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